Jamaican native Sheridonna Fiona Wilson is Washington DC's premier custom  luxury gown designer. Sheridonna can now be your go-to designer for all this  fashion, beauty, and hair when planning  your wedding, prom, or special occasions. Let's make your event experience a fabulous one , with Sheridonna Designs!! Luxury style curation, uniquely made for you.

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Sheridonna is an award winning fashion designer and all out multi-talented individual. She's spoken at Howard University, as well as been featured in many prominent media outlets: Rochester Women Online Magazine, Central Women Magazine, Syracuse University Jerk Magazine, Copa Magazine, Prince George's Suite and the Lubin House in New York City... just to name a few. 

Sheridonna has traveled from the small island of Jamaica, losing her father at the age of 9 years old, with limited resources to become a successful international fashion designer and entrepreneur. She is familiar with the many obstacles and challenges. Whether it’s looking for a mentor, finding funding for classes, or trying to figure out how to grow her business. This experience can be highly exasperating, devastating, and even intimidating.

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Nevertheless, this doesn't have to be your story. Sheridonna saw an opportunity to use her struggle to pave the way for future entrepreneurial fashion designers. Sheridonna has manifested her own fashion brand, to help and support young adults interested in the fashion industry. She takes honor in serving as a guide to those on their journey to establish a successful brand, and avoid the many challenges and difficulties. 

As an award-winning Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and Coach/Mentor Sheridonna is passionate about designing, teaching, and sharing information so you can succeed. Sheridonna will guide you through every step and show you how to build a successful organization, giving you the confidence, resources, and knowledge to develop and maintain your own brand.

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Sheridonna came a long way to where she is now and it's because of her strength and faith in her abilities. Sheridonna is genuinely grateful for all the lessons and experiences that shaped her into the beautiful, humble, ambitious, courageous, and determined woman you see today. Remember a blade doesn't get sharpened until it goes through the fire several times. Some people exit sheridonna is here to thrive and be great, as well as to show others to achieve similar goals. Sheridonna knows she is here to help people to become their greatest version by sharing her wisdom, experiences, skills, gifts, and talents with the world; to show and give love, and to change/ elevate the vibration with her present. Sheridonna is privileged to be the teacher of the new school trailblazing as the blueprint for the kingdom.



Sheridonna Designs  is a custom couture women and men ready to wear lifestyle brand known for beautiful fabrication and architectural inspired designs serving Rockville, Silver Spring, and Burtonsville among other areas. Sheridonna Designs, is a 7 star luxury brand that is highly recommend by locals. Sheridonna Designs specialize in creating one-of-a-kind Avant-garde garments. 


When looking for wedding, prom, and special occasion custom garments, Sheridonna Designs can now be your upscale boutique for fashion, hair, and beauty. Imagine an experienced talented, professional, designer and stylist  hired to make your special event experience smooth and convenient by providing everything you need to make you look and feel confident.

If you are like Sheridonna! you would love to have an upscale boutique that provides your fashion, hair, and beauty with just one phone call. No worries we have you covered from head to toe this is "True Luxury". In addition we are in partnership with Sheridonna's Beauty Salon. Sit back and relax let us bring your dreams into reality. It's like MAGIC!!! Luxury style curation, uniquely made for you by Sheridonna Designs.

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Sheridonna's Beauty Salon is a full service traveling multicultural salon. We believe in empowering our clients with a thorough education on how to take control of their own hair maintenance with a hands on approach achieving the desired results. We stand out because of our stylist's amazing ability to make our clients look and feel special like a rockstar without compromising our work ethic. Our stylist's are always on time to ensure our clients are happy. The salon professionals are talented, respectful, and compassionate and have over 25 years of experience in the Hair & Beauty Industry.