About Us

Sheridonna Designs LLC is a custom couture women's ready to wear brand  known for beautiful fabrication and architectural inspired designs with impeccable attention to details. We are happy to announce S.D have expanded to Streetwear, Athletic wear and Home Decor. Sheridonna has an innate desire and passion to make others feel beautiful through her unique gift of fashion Design and will not stop until she has impacted the lives of millions in a positive way!

In addition, to being a International Fashion Brand, Sheridonna Designs have created a sister company called Unity Fashion Institute also known as (U.F.I). U.F.I is an educational platform that provides online courses that revolutionize the youths perspective and give them the experience to learn and develop new life skills that last a lifetime fostering creativity to thrive in life using the arts positively. U.F.I focus on Apparel Design, Construction, Draping, Fashion History, Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making, Tailoring, and Sewing with the emphasis on the Fashion Business.

Sheridonna Designs gives back to the community by providing local College students internship to learn more about the Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship. We cater to the community needs by having flexible hours that are non traditional .