Diva Box Braids & Trim (The Aden Special)

Diva Box Braids & Trim (The Aden Special)

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Box Braids $245.00

Try something new with a playful and polished braid.  Our experience stylist will achieve your perfect style. Trim your end and let them grow stronger. Sit back and relax this is where the magic happens. 

  • 5-8 hr
  • Have clean damp  and detangled hair (we recommend washing about 10-15 min beforehand)
  • Full Payment Due before Booking date
  • Payment happens automatically through our website
  • Don't worry about cash!
  • After 20 miles is  additional $20 added


  • If your plans change, you can cancel or modify your appointment by calling us  within 4 hours but at last 90 minutes prior to your appointment time will result in $25 service charge
  • Cancellation within 90 minutes of the appointment time and client no-shows will be charged the full list price for the service including a additional 20 % cancellation fee.