Sheridonna Designs Monthly Newsletter

  • Sheridonna Designs June Newsletter 2022

    In  our June Newsletter sheridonna explains how she has coped with being fatherless on her journey to greatness? We also intro and launched Sustainable Couture by Sheridonna Designs with the partnership with leafd. Leafd is women owned sustainable market place. In addition, we share summer specials for Sheridonna's Beauty Salon and New Arrivals from Sheridonna Designs. Mamatu Graphic Design company was mentioned introducing new services such as instagram story ad and animated cover artwork design. Unity Fashion Institute Foundation Incorporated is Sheridonna Designs LLC sister company and is now offering in person classes again which is great look for the newly form organization. Sheridonna's Diary of A Fashionista is a weekly podcast and TV Show coming off of summer break the top of August and is now offering promotional packages to help other musicians, and business owners with their marketing strategy. Last but certainly not least we would like to announce Sheridonna Fiona Wilson has another journal now available on amazon called "Hibiscus Dot Paper Journal". Go buy it ! This newsletter is full of resources and gems to expand and improve your business. Connect with Sheridonna She is the plug to abundance.