Sheridonna Designs LLC is a custom couture women and men ready to wear lifestyle brand known for beautiful fabrication and architectural inspired designs in the Washington DC area. Sheridonna Designs, LLC is a 7 star luxury brand that is highly recommend by the locals. S.D Specialize in custom couture designs, streetwear, and accessories for kings and Queens.

Men's Custom Designs

Men's Custom Designs

When you hire Sheridonna Designs to create your custom sustainable couture ready-to-wear... 

Sheridonna Designs Custom Designs

Sheridonna Designs Custom Designs

When you hire Sheridonna Designs to create your custom sustainable couture ready-to-wear... 

Sheridonna Designs "Raw Elegance Collection" at The Fillmore

About Sheridonna Designs

Sheridonna Designs creates Avant-garde garments from scratch from the Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making, to the Toile. Our purpose is to help our clients to manifest their ideas into reality just like magic. We work with our clients to create a masterpiece exclusively for them. Our tag line is "its Done".

  • Online Fashion Courses

    In addition, to being an International Fashion Designer and Fashionista, Sheridonna Fiona Wilson is giving back by teaching the youth Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship at Unity Fashion Institute Foundation Inc. Unity Fashion Institute Foundation  is a Non-Profit that was established in 2017 also known as (U.F.I).  

    Unity Fashion Institute Foundation's (U.F.I.) mission is to unite, educate, and inspire the youth intellectually using the arts. U.F.I is an educational platform that provides online and in-person courses to mentor youth who are interested in fashion careers.

    U.F.I focus on Apparel Design, Construction, Draping, Fashion History, Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making, Tailoring, and Sewing with the emphasis on the Fashion Business.

    Online Fashion Courses 
  • In Person Mentorship & Online Mentorship

    In our online mentorship program we show the processes of the pieces we create from scratch. In addition students learn website design, logo design, and marketing strategies.

    In our in person mentorship we offer more of a hands on experienece. This experience entales Fashion Illustation, Pattern Making, Sewing/Construction with a emphasis in the Fashion Design Business.

    Online Mentorship 
  • Internship

    Sheridonna Designs, LLC and Unity Fashion Institute Foundation Inc., provides opportunites for college students who have an interest in the Fashion World. If you are looking for real life experience in fashion design or the business aspect of the fashion world then come do an intership with Sheridonna Designs. If interested please email us with your portfolio, a letter introducing yourself, explain how this internship will benefit your journey, your 3 references from your teachers, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Process of Custom Design

Women's Custom Wear

Women's Custom Wear

Our women wear very versatile from dresses, and pants, to the bodice.... 

  • Consultation with Designer

    Our talented and respectful designer will meet you at your office or home at your connivence. After 30 minutes there is additional charge.

    Consultation with Designer 
  • Custom Fashion Illustration

    During our consultation designer will create a unique croquis (fashion illustration) of your design to your liking.

    Custom Fashion Illustration 
  • Clients Photoshoot

    We will have a 180 degreee photoshoot with our client for measurement purposes.

    Clients Photoshoot 
  • Create Your Patterns

    Designer will show the pattern design process every step of the way until the design is completed to clients satification.

    Create Your Patterns 
  • Select Your Fabrication

    Designer will shop for fabric unless the client has source fabric already. Client will have a hands on experience using pictures and videos of their fabric choice by communication with designer .

    Select Your Fabrication 
  • Final Garment

    Depeding on your design it can take 2 weeks to a month to manifest your final garment. When final garment is completed, the final payment is due at the last fitting.

    Final Garment