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  • Sheridonna Designs June Newsletter 2022

    In  our June Newsletter sheridonna explains how she has coped with being fatherless on her journey to greatness? We also intro and launched Sustainable Couture by Sheridonna Designs with the partnership with leafd. Leafd is women owned sustainable market place. In addition, we share summer specials for Sheridonna's Beauty Salon and New Arrivals from Sheridonna Designs. Mamatu Graphic Design company was mentioned introducing new services such as instagram story ad and animated cover artwork design. Unity Fashion Institute Foundation Incorporated is Sheridonna Designs LLC sister company and is now offering in person classes again which is great look for the newly form organization. Sheridonna's Diary of A Fashionista is a weekly podcast and TV Show coming off of summer break the top of August and is now offering promotional packages to help other musicians, and business owners with their marketing strategy. Last but certainly not least we would like to announce Sheridonna Fiona Wilson has another journal now available on amazon called "Hibiscus Dot Paper Journal". Go buy it ! This newsletter is full of resources and gems to expand and improve your business. Connect with Sheridonna She is the plug to abundance. 
  • Sheridonna Designs May Newsletter 2022

    In Sheridonna Designs May Newsletter 2022 you will learn about Sheridonna's journey of how she knew she is a custom fashion designer. It’s amazing to hear how she is so dedicated to her work and her profession especially in a short time that you were able to get accepted to Syracuse University; it is so inspirational. Hearing how she were awarded especially with a trip to London is amazing! Sheridonna is her own leader and we see how dedicated and passionate she truly is when it comes to your creative work.

    We also share new services from Mamatu's Graphic Designs Company. In addition we are please to let you Know Unity Fashion Institute now offers a bundle course. You can take fashion illustration, pattern making, sewing /construction and learn how to start your own business.

    Learn about Sheridonna's new book and journals on amazon. There is also the opportunity to be featured on the podcast Sheridonna's Diary of a Fashionista or be a sponsor. This newsletter is full of valuable information and gems. Check it out now.


  • Sheridonna Designs April Newsletter 2022

    Sheridonna shares her tips on how she keep calm under pressure. Sheridonna's Beauty Salon offers new value services. Shop at Sheridonna Amazon influencer boutique. Want to be a guest on Sheridonna's Diary of a Fashionista, learn how here. Unity Fashion now offers online classes. Register today!
  • Sheridonna Designs March Newsletter 2022

    Read about Sheridonna Designs partnership with Power Buy. Check out the latest fashion design classes Unity Fashion Institute offer. Author of the month is Sheridonna Fiona Wilson. Check out interview with International recording artist Shabako on Sheridonna's Diary of a Fashionista Podcast and Tv show.
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  • Sheridonna Designs December Newsletter 2022

  • Sheridonna's Diary of a Fashionista Blog

    Washington DC is now becoming a staple Fashion District, with new emerging Fashion Brands, such as Sheridonna Designs LLC, Layol.loyal, and Syreeta Designs.

    Let's dive deep to explore the basis of Fashion Illustration. I will share some interesting, useful, and informative information about materials, inspirational resources, and techniques needed to get started on your journey to learning about Fashion Illustration.

    Sheridonna fashion photography and sketch


  • Sheridonna's Diary of A Fashionista Blog

    In order to find your fashion Illustration style you must dive deep into what you like. Practice trying other styles to see what your style is. You will have to train yourself and practice these skill to master fashion illustration.

    The best way to improve your skills is to collect swatches, organize and store them in your notebook or folder, analyze them, burn them, test them, draw them. When I say test them I mean see what that fabric can do. Go Play!!! Can this fabric drape well, can it be manipulated easily, does it flow gracefully. Your job as a illustrator is to convey the feeling, movement of the fabrication and design. You must be able to show what the fabric is saying and express it through illustration, go be great! Remember have Fun!!! After all you are a masterpiece, and a work in progress as well. Enjoy your exploration in the beautiful world of Fashion Illustration.